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Date: 2018-02-26 14:25

Hm. Well, I look through photos first, and anyone with shirtless selfies, or really selfies at all is out. Next, I don 8767 t like men trying to look wealthy, powerful or important (not that those are terrible qualities necessarily, but they shouldn 8767 t be using that to get a woman/think that matters if they are my type and also usually indicates an inflated ego). They must have a photo of themselves doing some type of sport, but not too many of one sport (obsession/one sided personality is probable). Sports indicate they are healthy, enjoy games and play, and interact with other people outside of bars. Oh yeah, and a picture with them smoking a cigarette is probably the kiss of death (there is a reason the bad guy always smokes- see all movies since the 65 8767 s). Other than that, in the photo category, they must be smiling in most if not all of them. A picture with mom can be a warning sign at least in Dominican men. I am not interested in an adult man who wants me to take care of him like his mom did and potentially still does. I know that is a culturally judgemental statement, but it is how I feel about it. Also, and this is just my preference, they can 8767 t be fat, will get bonus points for being tall, and minus points for making hand signals at the camera. If they are too precisely groomed in all photos that is also a turn off for me. Artsy pictures are a plus at times, but only to an extent. Oh, and if their face is not in their profile picture, that is a bad sign. And lastly, his profile should probably include a picture where he doesn 8767 t look GREAT, like closer to what he would look like at 5 on Friday after a long week of work, or after climbing a mountain and not showering for days. Maybe not that extreme, haha. Oh man. This is hilarious to actually write. I mean, I think it probably comes off shallow or too critical. but these are my thoughts. I have never explained them before to someone If they pass the picture test, or come close, then I look at their profile. Spelling errors or typos are an immediate no. If a guy is 85 and his age range of 68-86, he is a no. After that, I look for humor (not required and not corny) and intelligence (biggest pull). Probably someone who mentioned travel at some point. Being bilingual earns you points. Working for Google or having given a TEDTalks will get you a date. If you like really shitty books, you are out. If you mention the word adventure, you are one step closer to a date. You have to appear to have fun and enjoy life (usually apparent in the pictures) And if you can 8767 t live without whisky AND for another item you put beer, you are out- that 8767 s a sign of a problem, not a passion, haha. Sounding open minded is helpful, mentioning your profession/career interests is probably good regardless of what they are unless you write you are passionate about making money. But really, so many different profiles have seemed interesting. I think when people write about being caring or kind, those are probably good words. I mean, everyone is a sucker for a shy guy, right? Takes the pressure off the date/talking. You can 8767 t come off as too conceited. Now, all of that being said, this is what I like. Other people clearly like different things because most of the profiles I read are terrible by my standards and they have to be working for someone? Plus, in the DR, I think your audience is very different. I am a liberalish American living abroad. My type is different than even most Americans. All of this being said, writing a profile is hard! I mean, representing yourself in that amount of the space isn 8767 t easy. I had so much trouble with mine that I just filled it with books and such. And left it blank for the most part because I feel like it is a less is more situation, and because I don 8767 t have that much faith in actually finding someone on it, at least not in this country. You never know though and I always take the option that leads to greater opportunity rather than ignoring obvious venues. Anyways, I am clearly an English teacher and could write for days ) Plus, I am waiting for my friends to arrive. I missed the memo that we were operating on island time, haha. Does that answer your question though? Are you looking to like improve your profile? Or is this a way to find out what I am looking for? Because if you were aiming for the latter, I probably didn 8767 t really answer that question. I am, however, a professional reviser of other people 8767 s words, so if you meant the former, let me know. I can help you out, haha : ) Also, there was something published by Wired not long ago about the sort of data driven answer to that question. Interesting read if not useful to you. Okayyyy. Well. Ya. There it is. Adios. Hope Friday night treats you well.

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